Indian Code of Conduct Series- Part I

Ahinsa Parmo Dharma: Teaching from Jainism

By Vasu Jain

The main aim of every religion is to live peacefully. Just the way Jain Dharma has aim of living peacefully and happily. Jain Dharma regards that we should not behave in the manner that we donot want for us because every creature feels his existence like us. Every man has his price. So we should not tease anyone through force, action, words or even in thoughts. We should not have any feeling to hurt anybody. The principle of ‘Jiyo Aur Jeene Do’ and “Ahinsa Paramodharma” are the main mantra of Jain Dharma. In the world the spirit of ‘Parasparopgraho Jeevanam’ can convert the thinking from violence to non-violence and can establish a peaceful atmosphere, happy life and heaven on earth.

Jain dharma regards that as you feel unhappy, sad due to some problem created by somebody else, the same way others also feel. So not even in dreams we should have any feeling of violence. Always be careful, helpful and be happy. When you do good, good happens to you too. But if you do bad for others, you will be victim as well. We should not have any hatefulness by seeing someone physically disabled, poor, sick or any other man. Never think bad and never have the spirit of revenge. Never see mistakes of others and have a quality of forgiving others on their mistakes. Do not blame anyone or accuse others by using wrong words because everybody commits mistakes. No one is perfect here. So, if the world want to live peacefully follow the principle of ‘Ahinsa Parmo Dharma’ and ‘Live and Let Live’.

“Everybody has his Price”



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