Legal Heritage of India; By Dr. Richa Sharma, GNLU, Gandhinagar

India is abundantly rich in cultural and natural heritage. Cultural sustainability of India is a matter of practice and pride. Indian culture, in form of historical past, is not only preserved in any archives, museum or site but also, even more precisely, preserved in cultural value system of India.   Day to day life and struggle, issues and solutions,  confusions and ambiguities, hope and ambitions etc, in all odd or even circumstances zeal to celebrate life, living at the fullest the game of life, consequently making  the life is fare and fair for Indians.

Another side of India , the country which was many times invaded in past, got plundered, looted or  to be said divested from its wealth but the spirit remains untouched, life is fare and fair. Some Questions, What makes India Unique or is really something which is Unique in India. Before making any statement let us rectify ourselves that we are not falling in writings of Albaruni as his perception of Indian who thinks…” believe that there is no country but theirs, no nation like theirs, no kings like theirs, no religion like theirs, and no science like theirs. Every country and state has its own distinctive characteristics and it does identical with India too. There are many things which are Unique in India, geography, political system with largest democracy, cultural and historical mile stones etc, nevertheless something which is not discussed so far. Something which is added the uniqueness in Indian culture and social life and political system of today and past. We know it as an instrument of change. We consider it as valuable as asset and pride of nation however somehow subsided or ignored. It is that which makes India different, distinguish and one. It is the collective heritage of India, the legal heritage of India. 

Law is a set of principles or procedures through which rules and guidelines are enforced in society. Since the historic times law and society are interconnected .Application of Law in society and social dynamism reflects upon the development of law, in time and space.

Every age in historical chronology has something to say on its law. Law that governed the society and protects society from wrong and  which led to the transition in the social and political orders, is as worthy and important as heritage to a nation.

Every historical age posses its own issues and problems hence the problem solving mechanism and  that uniqueness in character justifies the legal heritage of India 


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